This article is focused on those people who think they are certified in ISTQB, or who are already studying the topics to take the exam or who are ready to be certified and want to know:
How many questions does the exam have?
How long does it last?
What is the distribution of the topics for each question?
And what tips can help them when facing the exam.

So, let’s talk about the structure and rules of the exam:

Each exam at the basic level contains a set of multiple choice questions based on the learning objectives of the syllabus.

All learning objectives in the syllabus are going to be in the exam.

At the basic level we have 3 objectives learning: K1, K2 and K3.

The K1 Remember, in the questions corresponding to this level students must be able to recognize, remember and retain a term or concept

The K2 level, Understand
Here, questions will be established where they should be able to select the reasons or reasons for the affirmations associated with the topic. They should be able to summarize, compare, classify, categorize and give examples of the concept of evidence.

And the K3 level, Apply: where you will select the application of a concept or technique in a given context.

So, usually the questions correspond to K1 and K2 do not take more than 1 minute in their reading and response.

And the questions corresponding to K3 are expected to take about 3 minutes.

These are approximate, so there will be questions that will take more or less time depending on their complexity.

The exam will consist of 40 questions of multiple options. In some questions you will be asked to select the correct result, or the item, in this case you must select only one.
This is why it is important to read each question carefully. Because if they are asked what are the responsibilities of the Moderator of a review, in that case they should select multiple answers.

Each correct question has a value of 1 point. No points are removed for incorrect questions. That is why it is very important that you answer all the questions on the exam, this is the key to passing the exam.

The time set for the exam is 60 min.

So, how many questions do we need to answer correctly to pass the exam? What is the minimum points?

65% of correct questions are required, that is, we must answer 26 questions correctly out of a total of 40 to pass the exam.