7 Testing Principles

In the last 50 years, a series of principles have been proposed that establish general guidelines common to all tests. Principle 1 – Tests show the presence of defects, not their absence Principle 2 – Exhaustive tests do not exist (or are impossible) Principle 3 – Early Testing saves time and money Principle 4 – […]

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Automated Testing. Automation Strategies

The automation of the tests consists in the use of software tools to control and configure the conditions prior to the tests, to execute the tests and to compare the actual results against the expected results.

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Automated Testing Framework

Selenium WebDriver – API Java JDK JUnit Maven drivers to simulate browsers: chromedriver, geckodriver, ieexplorerdriver

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About the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

This article is for those who are thinking about getting certified in ISTQB, or for those who are already studying to take the exam and want to know:How many questions does the exam have?How long does it last?What is the distribution of the topics for each question?And what tips can help them when facing the […]

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